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Why I’m Running

Let’s Face it. There are some real challenges plaguing the African American community in Chattanooga. We live in a beautiful scenic community that’s described as the “Best Mid Size City” in America with a thriving economy, booming entrepreneurial scene and a burgeoning tech sector with the fastest internet in the world. But unfortunately, there is the tale of two cities where the quality of life for African Americans in Chattanooga’s 28th Legislative District has gotten worse, and I believe WE DESERVE BETTER!

30 percent of African Americans ages 18 to 24 do not have a high school diploma, and our neighborhood schools rank in the bottom 5%, making District 28 schools the worst in the state. WE CAN DO BETTER!

African American households make an average of $26,787 per year, while for whites it’s $51,548. 60% of Black children live in poverty, compared to 16.5% of white children and the unemployment rate for black males without a diploma is 53%. – WE CAN DO BETTER!

I believe in the people of the 28th Legislative District, which is why prior to starting my businesses, I have spent my life and career building community and advocating for equality and social justice. We need a new generation of leaders with fresh ideas and new approaches on how to build a vibrant, more thriving community for our children, our veterans, our seniors and working-class families that struggle to make ends meet.

I’m running for the State House because I have a heart committed to the people and the right kind of experiences and relationships that it will take to start working across party lines to bring hope and opportunity back to our communities and to put everyday people back into politics.

We will rise together, and as your next State Representative for District 28, I will work hard to fight for your interests, not mine, and I promise I will be the fighter you can always depend on.

Dennis Clark